Jewelry Care


All of our pendants, bracelets and earrings are made with sterling silver or bronze. The chains used in our necklaces are either sterling silver or electroplated silver or brass (detailed information about each piece will be specified in each of the product descriptions.) All of our earring posts and wires are made with sterling silver. All metals used are lead, nickel and cadmium free.

It is recommended that you store your jewelry in a clean and dry place and avoid showering or swimming in your pieces. Silver and bronze both tarnish over time as a result of oxidation and reactions with your body oils, but not to worry you can maintain their shiny and new state with a quick cleaning. There are a variety of options for cleaning your jewelry including a polishing cloth, household silver cleaner, toothpaste or a mix of baking soda, soap and water. Some skin types will react by turning green temporarily when wearing bronze. You can minimize this effect by painting a layer of clear nail polish on any parts of your bronze jewelry that have direct contact with the skin.

For any other tips or questions about caring for your jewelry just shoot us at an email at