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gillian johnson

Hawkly is a Toronto based jewelry brand created by designer Gillian Johnson. The love of jewelry and travel have always been two constants in her life, resulting in many adventures around the world; hiking in Sri Lanka, biking through Italy, silversmithing in Mexico, rock climbing in Joshua Tree and more.

Returning to her love of jewelry, Hawkly is an expression of the all the patterns, cultures, colours and smiles experienced during this ongoing adventure. Gillian has settled between Toronto and a little yurt in rural Ontario, where each piece is handcrafted with an emphasis on lost wax casting, combined with other metalsmithing and beading techniques. Mixed metals, including sterling silver, bronze, brass and even a touch of gold, are carefully combined in an exploration of adornment and celebration of human touch.

Hawk | this totem provides wisdom about trusting your intuition, seeing situations from a higher perspective and promotes the ability to see meaning in ordinary experiences.